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Week 27
~ Name Game Revisited

Well, I'm crossing my fingers and toes as I type this (Okay, maybe not my fingers, hee hee!), but Daisy seems to have adjusted to sleeping in her big girl bed in her own room! We have had 5 nights in a row that she hasn't woken up once, YAY! So, that's the good news.

The bad news is this . . . now after you read this, please let me know if I can kill my husband!! As I've written before, we have had Nicholas picked out for the baby's name for about three months now. We BOTH have been referring to him as Nicholas, Nick or (in Rob's case) Nicki. Personally I think that's a little feminine but if that's the nickname he wants to use, that's fine with me. I am also waiting to see what he looks like, because if he is dark skinned and looks like Rob I was going to use Nico as a nickname (although Rob has made it very obvious that he doesn't like that nickname at all). Anyway, when we found out we were having a boy, there were only two names that we could agree on, Nicholas and Jack, and I suggested that since we are having him so close to Christmas, why don't we use Nicholas? He agreed and we went on our way. Well, yesterday we are driving to the mall and talking about what we need to buy the kids' room, and out of nowhere Rob says, "you know, I don't think I like the name Nicholas that much" WHAT?!?!?! So, I say (as calmly as I can), "honey, you agreed to that name, remember?" and he goes on to say that he DOESN'T remember, (was I talking to myself during that conversation or what??), and that *if* he did agree to it, it was only because I wanted it! OMG!!! I was so shocked and upset because I had NO idea he didn't like it, and more than that, I've been going around calling him Nicholas for three months and all of our family and friends call him that too!! So, I said (trying not to wig out completely and cause him bodily harm), "You have NO recollection of our conversation regarding naming him??" and he said, "Yeah, I remember, I just don't think I like it very much." Ummm, okay, so I said, "Well, what name DO you like?" and he couldn't come up with ONE! So now my blood pressure is rising and I'm wanting to scream, but instead I say, "Well, unless you can come up with a name we both like better, we are keeping the name Nicholas" and he said, "okay, I have a lot of time to come up with one, he's not born yet." DEEP BREATH . . . I think what really upsets me the most (other than the fact he is completely going back on what we decided on) is how cavalier he is about the whole thing, like it's no big deal!! Whenever I think of our baby, I think "Nicholas" and so now I have a connection with that name, you know? Rob has been calling him that too, but apparently he can just disregard that and come up with another name. I don't get it!!! I have decided to let the matter drop for a few days and then I will bring it up again. It really bothers me that he did this; it is so frustrating!! What I am thinking will happen (knowing Rob) is that when the time comes for us to discuss this again he won't have another name ready that he likes so we will go with Nicholas by default. I, of course, will let you know what happens.

Other than the whole "name debate" things have been going really well, pregnancy-wise. I am getting a whole lot bigger and am scared to see what my weight is on Tuesday (my next OB appointment), but luckily I don't have too much farther to go! After my next appointment I start going every two weeks, YAY! My moods have been MUCH better as well. I have actually been feeling really happy lately, and I really thought that wouldn't be possible this pregnancy. I mean, it's not like I feel horribly depressed since I went off the meds, or anything, but up until last week, I definitely didn't have days where I was driving down the street and feeling like, "Wow, I am in a really good mood!" I have always been one to be appreciative of the little things in life, and really missed feeling happy over silly things, but last week I had two days in a row where I felt just really great for no reason, and that was awesome.

'Til next week :)

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