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Week 28
~ Dragging

I'm seriously dragging these past few days. All the things I wanted to get done this weekend just didn't happen because I'm so darn tired! My energy level is pretty much zero, and it's getting to me, so I decided that from now on, I'm going to have just one cup of coffee in the morning to get a "jump start". I LOVE coffee, and am not a morning person, so for me to have gone from two cups a day to none was a huge shock to my system, and it's just gotten to the point where I feel I'm not very productive. My doctor has always told me that I was allowed one cup of coffee, or one caffeinated drink a day; I just never did it, probably because I felt like if I can't have as much as I want, why bother? (I usually have two cups of coffee a day and two caffeinated drinks a day . . . can ya tell I love caffeine?!). But now I'm just seriously in need of a boost, so I've decided to give in and have a cup a day, and see if that helps. The weekends are the best, because I get to take a nap when Daisy does. I wake up so refreshed! Too bad I can't do that at work (I keep telling my boss we should have a designated "nap time" . . . you know, we could break out our "mats" and have our pillows and blankets . . . I really think it would make for a productive staff, hee hee!).

Other than feeling so exhausted, I wanted to say that Rob has redeemed himself big time regarding the name game! I am shocked to say this, but he actually came up with a name I absolutely LOVE . . . it happens to be a name that *I* suggested at the very beginning of the pregnancy (before we knew it was a boy), but of course Rob doesn't remember that conversation either (can we say "Selective Memory"?!?) Anyway, what happened was we were out to dinner one night and he just goes, "What about ______?" I about fell over in my chair because it is NOT a common or traditional name and Rob has been adamant about having that sort of name for our son. I said, "Are you serious?!? I love that name!" and he said, "Yea, I really like it" So, we have come up with a new name for Sweet Pea, and I am not going to divulge it until he's born (God knows Rob could change his mind again, although he promises he won't. I also want something to be a surprise for people; after all, we know he's a boy, and we will know what day he is going to be born, so this is the only thing left to "announce"). I am very happy with his new name and when I told my family and friends that they'd have to wait until he was born to find out, they insisted I tell them the name, but all I said was it starts with a 'G'. It's hilarious because every single day I'll get an email from someone going, "I think it's Garrett", "I guess Gordon", "Is it Grayson?". Hee hee, this is pretty fun! And I am SO not able to keep a secret so it's a test for me to keep it from everyone. Also, since it's a unique name, I don't want to hear any negative comments, which I'm sure will slip out somehow.

I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to fly by. Most every weekend coming up I have things to do; birthday parties, baby showers, my shower, etc. I also have a feeling that because of all of that, I won't be able to finish the nursery until I'm off for maternity leave. I think December 8th will be my last day and that will give me two weeks or so to get the nursery together. All I really have to do is paint it, and *I'm* not really doing it, my friend's husband is, but I have to figure out a weekend when we are both available. I'm not stressing, though! I know it will all get done!

Til next week :)

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