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Week 34
~ Making Plans

What a great week! Other than the fact that I got sick on Thanksgiving day with the flu and now have a head cold, I am in a great mood. I had an OB appointment this morning and everything is moving right along. I did get yet another ultrasound (how many is that now? and yes, I did get two more photos for the fridge, hee hee!). My doctor wants me to have ultrasounds every appointment now because of my border-line low amniotic fluid level. Thankfully it is still the same level and hasn't gone down any from last time. She wants me to try to "take it easy" but didn't put me on bedrest. She also stressed that I need to down as much water as I can possibly get down me, as that will help too.

I *really* wanted to get her to pin down a date for the c-section, as I mentioned I want to figure out what is going to happen for Christmas; if I am home by then we will have it at my house, so I need to prepare for that, and also, I just want to know! I mean, I only have 3 more weeks (from the time I am writing this entry) left and I am getting really anxious over here! So I asked her and she looked in my chart and said, "Well, anywhere between Dec. 18 and the 21st" and I said, "yes, I knew that, but was hoping to get an actual date today" and she kind of started talking to herself going, "well, maybe the 20th? no, the 21st might be better . . . oh, no I think the 18th or 19th would be best . . . hmmm" AAACK! I'm sitting on the table just waiting. Then she goes, "well, just see our 'business affairs' woman on your way out and we'll figure out what's best with my schedule and the hospital's." Okay, I can do that. So I get out in front and the other woman tells me that she needs to call the hospital I'm delivering at and she will call me later today and give me a date. Great! So, did I get a call? Nope. I am definitely going to call her tomorrow and see if we can get this figured out. Can ya tell I'm getting nervous?? hee hee! I just figure one of the perks of having a scheduled c-section is actually knowing the date ahead of time so you can plan things, and I feel like I am totally in the dark in this area.

There is also a question of which hospital I'm delivering at, but I will get into that next time (too much excitement for one entry! lol).

We also discussed circumcision, and both my husband and I agreed that we will have it done while our baby is in the hospital. My doctor has three boys and had them all circumcised. I already knew we were going to do it; it was just nice knowing that she agreed with our decision.

Another thing that was brought up was the fact that she believes I may be more prone to having Post Partum Depression because of the fact that I had a bout of depression during this pregnancy. She mentioned me going back on the Prozac immediately after his birth and I have to say, that totally shocked me, because although she did mention that before (the fact that I could get PPD this time) she never told me that she thought I should go back on the meds so soon. We both kind of agreed that we would "wait and see" how I did, and *if* I needed the meds, then I could go back on them. Now she is saying that she wants to be "proactive" and start me on them right away. I kind of didn't know what to say, because to be honest, I don't want to go back on them unless I need to. Also, I am going to try breastfeeding again (didn't really have much success with Daisy, and ended up pumping for three months), and if I go on Prozac I can't breastfeed. What I have decided (after getting my thoughts back in order, she totally surprised me!) is that at my next appointment I will tell her since I want to breastfeed I won't take the meds immediately, but should I need them, I will stop breastfeeding. OR, can we find a medication that I can use while I breastfeed? I'm sure there must be at least one. The great thing about my doctor is that she listens to whatever you have to say, and will do whatever it is that you want. So I know she will not try to dissuade me from breastfeeding or anything, so I'm not worried about that. I guess I was just a little surprised that she brought up the whole PPD issue when I have been feeling so good, but I know that she just has my best interest at heart.

Other than that, it was wonderful to see our little guy! I was telling a friend of mine that his cheeks look absolutely HUGE on the ultrasound pictures! It's really amazing. I wonder if he'll really have chipmunk cheeks? hee hee! Well, in about three weeks time we will know :)

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