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Week 7
~ Dreaded Morning Sickness

This has been a hard week. My "morning" sickness (which lasts all day and night) is getting to me. My relief bands came in yesterday, but so far I haven't noticed a difference. It wouldn't be so bad if the nausea came in waves, but it is there constantly, just in varying degrees. I have been making myself eat as much as I can, but after I'm done eating I feel worse than before I started eating. I keep telling myself this will pass, but sometimes I just feel like laying in bed all day! I had made the decision not to tell my boss or coworkers I was pregnant until my second trimester, but ended up telling them the other day because I keep getting comments on how pale I look and everybody keeps asking me if I'm alright. It's funny, because when I look in the mirror I don't think I look pale, but obviously I do because so many people have mentioned it to me. Everyone was really excited for me and it is a relief to tell them because it was really hard keeping it from everybody. Now I am free to talk about it if I want, which makes me happy.

Other than dealing with the morning sickness, I have been having really strange dreams. Last time I was pregnant I would have very intense, violent dreams that actually scared me. I hope that isn't the case this time. One thing that is different when I'm pregnant is that my dreams are very clear and I can remember all the details after I wake up. When I'm not pregnant I can barely remember if I even dreamt (even though I know I have), let alone what they were about. The funniest dream I've had so far was one where I was 7 months pregnant and in the room at the doctor's office waiting for the doctor to come in. The door opened and in walked President Clinton; he was my doctor! Of course that was perfectly normal to me, I wasn't surprised at all. He looked at my chart, then at me and said, "we have to do a c-section today." I started protesting telling him I was too early, but then he explained that since it was the 4th of July I had to have the baby that day. That made perfect sense, Ha ha! I woke up when I was at home trying to post on StorkNet that I was having my baby! After I woke up I thought, "well, the preggo dreams have started already!"

Hopefully week 8 will bring more funny dreams and less "morning" sickness.

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