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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Julie's family Julie and her husband, Evan, are the parents of three little boys, Logan (5), Jireh (4), and Graysen (2). They were expecting their fourth and last baby around June 22, 2008 via a beautiful homebirth. All their expectations were realized when Jade Louise arrived right on her due date, at home into her Daddy's hands, after an hour and 6 minutes of labor.

Julie's Journal Entries

Meet Julie

Week 8
A Little Bit of Light!

Week 9
That Settled Feeling

Week 10
Measuring Ahead & Twin Obsessing

Week 11
Another week, another brain cramp

Week 12

Week 13
Nutrition, Calories and Responsibility

Week 14
Hello Weight Gain!

Week 15
Emotions Running Amok!

Week 16
The Decision to Get an Ultrasound

Week 17
Everything Looks Good!

Week 18
Growing by the Minute!

Week 19
Starting to Stockpile

Week 20
Our Anniversary AND Officially 1/2 Way!

Week 21
Feeling Down and Emotional

Week 22

Week 23
So if they are like this on the inside . . .

Week 24
The week I wait for all pregnancy

Week 25
The Loss of a Friend

Week 26

Week 27
Big, achy me!

Week 28
Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!

Week 29
A Lot O' Tummy Love!

Week 30
We're Interviewing Doulas!

Week 34
Wow, Getting Close!

Week 35
The "To Do" List

Week 36
It's Cooking Week!

Week 37
A Clean, Well-Stocked House!

Week 38
What If . . .

Birth Story
Meet Jade Louise!

Julie's Pregnancy Journal
of her second son on StorkNet!

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