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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Julie!

Julie's familyMy name is Julie, and I am a stay-at-home-Mom and work-at-home-Mom to three lively boys, and wife to a wonderful husband and greatest love for almost seven years. My family is my first love and has taught me all I know about being a Momma.

One day I hope to be a midwife but in the meantime I attend births as a doula and assist local midwives when I can. I am co-owner of a hand-dyed online yarn store with a friend and generally am either 100% busy with my family or any combination of the above. Life is never quiet in a house of boys and me!

I have had a homebirth-to-hospital transfer birth and two homebirths. We are planning another homebirth with our (surprise-timed) fourth and last baby. Due sometime mid to late June, I'm excited to share the journey with you!

With love . . .
~ Julie

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