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Week 12
~ Tapping

I felt some tapping this week! Not a lot, but undeniably someone is actually in there! 12w 1day, can you believe it?? Just a few times, and I have to really ďlistenĒ to feel it, but if Iím JUST in the right position I could feel it a few times. Oh that lovely feeling! Have I put enough exclamation points?? Heh heh. Itís undeniably my favorite part of pregnancy and something I never tire of at all. I get tired of being huge and uncomfortable at times, but I never tire of tapping, rolling, kicking and other movement. Itís just something I donít get to do very many times in my life and Iím a tad (understatement) sentimental about it for the most part.

Iím STILL feeling ill the majority of the day but I do get a few hours of solace from feeling *sick* all day. I just wish I were feeling a lot better a lot faster! Iím ready to be human (and productive and helpful at home) . . . eh, and so is my family!

Nursing has become something I avoid (sigh) but Iím trying hard to be a good Momma and honor Grayís need to nurse still. I still tell him no often, but Iím making sure I nurse him 3 times a day still . . . even though itís painful and reeeeally not fun. Itís not his fault his Momma is pregnant though and he doesnít understand Ė besides, weaning now with the winter sickness being passed around, I want to keep him as healthy as possible. Iíve been really surprised my milk has hung on this long, with the other two it dried up almost instantly and I was really nervous about that . . . but so far so good!


~ Julie

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