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Week 13
~ Nutrition, Calories and Responsibility

So in response to not feeling well (still Ė sigh), I talked to a midwife friend of mine about nutrition . . . is it silly? I didnít realize how many calories a pregnant and nursing Mama should be eating. So how many is that exactly? Ready for this?? 2800 calories! WOAH! That is more than my husband should be eating per day!! Holy moly. Iím not sure Iím eating even 1/2 of that so thatís my new goal this week . . . heavy calorie eating. Whew. Iím just starting to maybe kind of feel a little more ok and I think my stomach is actually still shrunk from the first several weeks of feeling sick and not eating much of anything.

Well, we told the family . . . the boys first, and then they called our parents (see how we did that all sly like?) to tell them. It was kind of what I expected; everyone was just totally shocked and they werenít sure WHAT to say. But overall they did a good job. Now telling other people was a different story. We did *not* get great reactions from some. The person I was least excited to tell actually had the gall to ask what birth control I was using. Um, excuse me??? Who in the heck asks a question like that?! I was so angry, that was just uncalled for and when Iím less miffed I will be talking to her about it. Even my Mom asking me that question is uncalled for. As an adult mother of 3 on the outside, I donít even remotely have to dignify that question with an answer. Needless to say when someone asks, ďWas it planned?,Ē I reply ďWould it matter either way?Ē. What, is someone going to give this one back?? Uggggggh.

This past weekend I went to a midwifery-assistant (me being the assistant) birth and I arrived 45 minutes before the midwife showed up, and 25 minutes before the baby was born! I caught ďmyĒ first baby that wasnít my own and it was so incredible. Mom didnít want to do it herself because she was holding herself up from the tub floor, but baby did great, Mom did great and I have to say I was really relieved since I didnít have anything with me in case either of them had not done great. I think next time I am headed to assist a midwife, I may pack a few birth things just in case. I just never expected to be the only one there when baby was born. To be the first to touch a little one on their entrance to the world, that is so cool! What a job.

Iíll let you know how the eating-week goes.


~ Julie

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