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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ Hello Weight Gain!

Yes, not eating enough was really the problem. I gained FOUR pounds this past week in less than 7 days. Whew!! Of course now I had to go and ask how much protein I should be eating (since my uterus hasnít grown much lately) and itís 80 grams! I canít believe I didnít know that was how much I should be getting. It seems like a huge amount, but Iíll give it a shot. Since itís not BBQ season here (with snow on the ground), we have not had lots of meat and I canít eat things like commercial bread, etc. Eggs have been making me literally gag when I eat them but thatís faded a bit lately so I may have to really work to eat more of those since they are a great protein source. My husband cooked a steak for me tonight and I about licked the plate Ė is that a sign? Ha ha!

I havenít felt almost any more movement and now Iím wondering if I have an anterior placenta (toward my belly vs. toward my back). I feel weird rolling sensations that are really odd, but not much else. Itíd be a first for me to have a placenta placed there and Iím really hoping Iím wrong. I love those baby movements, Iíll be sad if I donít feel much. My Mom (who had my sister and I as a set of twins) said she never felt movement once when she was pregnant. We were born at 30 weeks but I canít imagine not feeling a baby ever when youíre pregnant with twins! She had two anterior placentas.

Weíve been brainstorming names and amazingly we have a set boyís name, but we cannot think of ANY girl names we both really like. I very much want to use my Momís name (which also happens to be my Grandmotherís and sisterís middle names) as a middle name, but sometimes figuring that out with a first name is tricky. (Sister dear, if youíre reading this, itís a secret so donít tell that tidbit ).

Happiest Holidays everyone!


~ Julie

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