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Week 17
~ Everything Looks Good!

Our ultrasound seemed to show everything is 100% totally ok with baby - heart and all. Of course someone pointed out to me just hours after our ultrasound that the heart is the hardest thing to be sure is ok via ultrasound and it's not very "diagnostic" . . . awesome. Wellll, it's as diagnostic as I'm going to get pre-birth and there was a 3-vessel cord for baby - which if there had been a 2-vessel cord I would have maybe pursued more (as it can be a marker for congenital heart defects), but we were clear in that area so we feel good about getting that done (for the peace we feel).

I have to admit that I feel slightly foolish for getting the ultrasound done seeing as there wasn't anything that seemed to cause anyone pause. I mean that's GREAT news and I feel really great about that . . . I just feel kind of silly for feeling like I had to get it done (in retrospect). But I will say that I feel like when it comes time for this little person to make their entrance into the world, I won't hold back in fear of what may happen when they DO take their first breath. So that's good . . . right?

We didn't find out the gender (and oh my husband was so sad!!), but my guess is very strongly still a girl (as is his guess).

ultrasound - foot and legIt was so amazing too. It's been a long while since I've had an ultrasound (we didn't have any with our youngest son) and I couldn't bring myself to tell her to hurry up. I just watched in utter AWE as we saw all of the ribs, fingers, toes, teeth buds, heart beating, lonnnnnnng feet and all of that - they even had hiccups while we were watching - how adorable! I couldn't look away for a moment at all! It was truly absorbing. I was lying there realizing in a very real way that this little person is totally formed. It's so silly . . . I should more than have that internalized by now but it really struck a chord of awe and realization. It was magical and I think for that aspect too I needed to see it. This little person has the LONGEST feet. And their head shape is between my oldest two . . . another unique little one is on their way to us! It's so amazing.

ultrasound - head shotHave I said amazing enough times?? The amazing blessing that new life is, never ever gets old. I am always awed by it even when it's NOT me . . . but when it is, I get wrapped up in it - never in my life do I feel as special and honored as to be gifted in such a way as to carry a little person with me.

I can say that the ultrasound gave me a lot of peace, but it also made me aware that I need to do some more processing before this little person arrives. I have to get my brain wrapped around it STILL. But the reality was incredible having a window's view of this little person for 1/2 hour.

Until next week . . .

~ Julie

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