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Week 19
~ Starting to Stockpile

I have realized that in some measure I really must be getting that this little one is coming soon because I have started to stockpile things I need for them and take note of baby stuff. I sew cloth diapers and make mine for the wee one so I have purchased yards (and yards) of fabric and snaps and other things needed to get a new stash of cloth diapers ready for this little person. I'm inspired to go through some clothes and generally get my buns in gear.

Is it that it's 1/2 way for me (I usually have my little ones about 38 weeks, 38.5 weeks)? Or maybe it's that I'm starting to feel really fine energy wise and sanity wise? Who am I to complain?! My kitchen floor is not an assortment of the previous nights' dinner 100% of the time and I do actually get around to washing dishes before we are desperately searching for that one last clean fork. Ha ha! One of my knitting friends told me this week (she is probably a little older than my Mom) that the biggest thing they used to say (especially her Mom) is "What will the neighbors think??" about everything. I have to say I actually laughed and then quite honestly told her that my measuring stick is "What will my Mom think??". And quite honestly I don't measure up to even THAT standard! But clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy . . . that is my motto most days. I can't help but feel guilty at times - but there's a measure of "well, this is just going to HAVE to be okay." I can't be the only person who lives like this - I hope?

On other news, baby kicks are starting to get really a lot stronger - I swear by the day! I never tire of them - day or night! This week my oldest actually felt the baby kick several times - it was SO cool! He had the biggest wide eyes and silly grin on his face. He is such a great older brother, it shows in every way too. I am feeling more grounded in this really being real as the days go by. I'm enjoying the season!

Until next week . . .

~ Julie

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