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Week 20
~ Our Anniversary AND Officially 1/2 Way!

We celebrated our 7th year anniversary on the day I turned 20 weeks. Isn't that fun?? We went and had a super yummy dinner of sushi (that my husband invited another couple and a friend to - ugh!). Their company was fine, but he was a bit in the dog house for not telling (or rather ASKING) me if I wanted to share my only dinner out with him with three other people. He felt bad when he realized later but yeeesh! Silly man.

I know 7 years does not sound very long in the big picture but our lives have really gone through the biggest changes we can imagine getting to this point and we were quite proud to be more in love now than ever before. I can't imagine my life with a different person - not even for a moment. My husband is my soul mate and life long friend, I would be lost without him!

I realized today that a growth spurt must have happened this week for SURE because when I sit I have to kind of shift to get comfortable and I actually feel itchy on my tummy skin and am having those oh-so-wonderful ligament pains (yeeeouch!!) and the few times I sneezed I swear I about passed out. I have my belly cast from my youngest's pregnancy in my garage (I know, we really need to hang it) and I always kind of stare at it going to the car . . . I have a long way to go still . . . it's mind blowing! But for now, I'm growing and right on schedule. Yay baby!

I have two doula clients due any time (literally) and have been a bit on pins and needles (not sleeping well) being on call. Unfortunately they both will be getting antibiotics because they have group B strep and are going to go that route - but it means going to the hospital *quite* a bit earlier than I otherwise would suggest going in labor. One person has to be there 8 hours before birth (she is allergic to their typical antibiotic) - I think she is going to labor quickly so I'm not sure she'll get there in that time frame, but we're going to try! She is my second repeat client since being a doula and I LOVE her. She is so knowledgeable and holds the record for any of my clients (or any other client I have heard of) in that she pushed for 6 hours and 45 minutes to get her first baby earthside. Is that amazing or what?? The hospital was obviously busy that night or I think they would have intervened. But she pushed him out no trouble, it was just slow going.

Until next week . . .

~ Julie

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