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Week 21
~ Feeling Down and Emotional

My husband woke me up the other morning with a "You HAVE to be having a girl Hon" statement. What?? Why?? He says: "Because you are pumping out those girl hormones all over the place". Ahhhh. I say: "I'm not getting nicer and nicer like the other times am I?". Nope. Ha ha! Sorry Honey . . . I can't help it!

And I can't. I am a basket case. I get angry at the drop of a hat, get worked up and have a hard time calming down, I cry super easily over silly things and in general; I feel very un-myself emotionally. Normally I'm so much more steady emotionally. Well, at least this won't last a lifetime! But feeling down lately is a little rough. I had so much inspiration the last several weeks and all of a sudden I'm having a hard time finding inspiration to cook dinner or clean things up. Our family stress level is a bit high because of winter-slow-work for my husband so that's part of it, but I'm just not bouncing back like normal.

At times like this I wonder about women all over the world - like in Uganda villages for example - do their partners have the same type of discussions with them? The "Um, Honey, are you ok? You seem to be a bit . . . tense lately". And do they get the luxury of following through with their feelings or do they just have a different idea about pregnant women and their "issues". Have you seen any of the previews for "First Cry" the French movie? It's pretty awesome - I haven't seen the whole thing and I don't believe it's released in the USA yet, but it shows different cultures and birth in those cultures . . . very cool. It talks about the universal first cry of our babies. Anyways, I just wonder . . .

So someone with some inspiration, send it my way - there is a serious lack in my home and body.

On a brighter note, my repeat doula client had her baby this past week and it WAS a fast birth - they had to give her the super-antibiotics she wasn't allergic to because they knew they weren't going to have eight hours for the other stuff. She only labored about 3.5 hours and in three pushes her little one was born! A very wonderful birth with people I really love! You can't beat that.

Until next week . . .

~ Julie

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