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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ Phew!

After my other doula client had her baby (a 48 hour birth) it took me 3 days to recover! I follow the "don't make any life-altering or important decisions until you're rested" rule and I'm glad I do because wow, my perspective was crazy there for a few days! Sleep deprivation and the pregnant (fighting a cold) woman don't mix very well. I came down with a kicker of a cold immediately following the birth (I'd been doing okay fighting it until I stayed up for two days). But thankfully I'm just now getting healthy again - yay for breathing!

On that note, the painfully few things that a pregnant woman can take about drove me bonkers. I sufficed with a double mint fresh tea (spearmint, peppermint) that actually really did help a TON. I could breathe immediately and it would last about an hour plus. Yay for tea that helps! But I obviously couldn't drink tea all night and my lips are still bleeding from breathing through my mouth. Ouch! Another reason to be darned thankful I don't get sick too often. Though I will say that winter can be over like yesterday at any point here. I just hate how sickness is all over the place and people don't pay attention, send their kids to school and "share" with everyone else. Ugh.

I've finally started dyeing yarn again for my store - with some sleep came inspiration and motivation. Hooray for both! I also find my brain clear enough to come up with some new colorways and actually have fun dyeing yarn. I can't stay up into the early hours of the morning anymore, but even doing some I enjoy.

This little person inside has very quickly made it difficult for me to lean down, bend over, sit, etc. They feel very high up but I'm not measuring ahead - just must be "getting to that point" of growth where I have to modify stuff. It's weird having to hold my breath when I lean over or lean back when I sit down in a chair. I'm a little nervous about feeling like this kind of early. We have a long ways to go still!

Oh, and have I mentioned heartburn yet? Guess what started this week? I do have to say it was homemade-cherry-pie induced so it's not ALL bad but I think now that the pie is gone I'll be happy to be without that for a while still. Thankfully I'm usually really good until very late in pregnancy and I never get heartburn when not pregnant. And the cherry pie really WAS worth it.

I finally got some comfortable slip-on shoes that don't hurt my feet and my back has been very happy with me this week! Dansko burgundy leather clogs. Heaven is what my feet call them. It helps me be able to dye yarn, do dishes, cook dinner, grocery shop, anything where I'm walking or standing for a long time. I know they are expensive, but they are very worth it. I had some credit from my birthday this summer and I put it for the shoes. Free presents way past your birthday - those are the best!

Well the sunshine is out and I'm feeling some energy again - praying that the inspiration I caught this week keeps going!

~ Julie

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