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Week 24
~ The week I wait for all pregnancy

When you cross into real "viability" in pregnancy . . . when the doctors would no longer call it a late-term abortion if you went into labor but rather they would attempt to support the little person that chose to be born too early (should that happen). I know I want to stay pregnant MANY more weeks, but the thought of hitting this week is somewhat comforting all the same. We're closer to 'home' than farther away. (Good growing wee one! I'm glad we made it to this milestone!!).

I had a meeting with a midwife friend of mine and we discussed just about everything under the sun including if I should be a doula close to the end of my pregnancy (her opinion was no). I've done it before, but I don't feel the same ability or focus to be able to do that this time. I need to spend some solid time with this little one, with our family, without worrying about someone else's little one. It's so refreshing when someone has an outsider view of the inside. She knows how it "goes" but at the same time she's on the outside. It's good. We discussed my fears of handling this little person and I felt a lot better. I'm sure it's going to be a matter of resolving it in steps, but I feel a little better every day. I'm actually getting excited and over being so terrified.

It's funny, as I try to squeeze past boxes at the grocery store or between our dining room chairs and the kitchen island I have realized that I'm still in denial, but I better start getting over it. I really can't wear regular clothes, squeeze past the grocery boxes at the store or now bend over to get something; I have to kind of squat down. Wow, that was all of a sudden! Changing my youngest (I sit on the floor where he lays to do this) is getting more difficult as the baby presses my lungs and rib cage. It's good but it's a little too soon for me . . . this last bit is going to go fast and I'm not ready for the weeks to fly!

I scheduled some photos to be taken really soon but my best friend and I have had to reschedule several times due to the "fun" winter colds going around - pictures will be coming soon! She is going to do some authentic (i.e. non-digital photos) pictures of my tummy and family through this pregnancy; I'm so excited!!! I LOVE birth art and having it be us is going to be even more awesome! I have it planned out to be all over my sewing/yarn room and I bet I can convince my husband to get a pretty one in our regular house area too. I think it's going to be really fun! Last pregnancy I did a belly cast (something I had always wanted to do) and this time it's pictures (again, something I have always wanted to do). We took some ourselves, but they are not the same as someone who knows what they are doing.

Looking forward to a beautiful week!

~ Julie

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