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Week 26
~ Pictures!

My best friend recently purchased darkroom equipment from a woman who had been storing the items unused for about 10 years. It is a beautiful set up and a dream for her. She has the know-how to develop pictures from the film to the print and she is thrilled to be able to have a "me" outlet now.

And of *course* I had to ask if she would do some pictures of my tummy and family! We got started this week with a series of pictures that will document the amazing ability of the body and of this little person that is growing - isn't that fun?? We are going to take pictures every few weeks through the rest of my pregnancy and decided to start this week. There are some that are "stuck" on the other roll of un-finished film, but it's in her camera so these will have to be ok.

You can see why that midwife friend of mine told me I was tiny (which I thought she was crazy, but now that I'm on the outside of my body, I can kind of see what she's talking about. I e-mailed my own midwife contact though to see what she thinks (however she is out of town currently), but I bet she says things are fine. Different baby means different. From ____ to ____ (basically you name it!). All babies are immensely different . . . that's just how it goes! And that's ok! I don't normally have any trouble with keeping that in the front of my mind, but when so many people have made comments to me this pregnancy, I can't help but start to internalize some of them. People should really realize what the impacts of the things they say are. Kind of astounding really.

On the business front, all of my undyed yarn has arrived and I'm getting ready to dye 70 skeins of yarn for the group order I have! It only took my suppliers eons to get the yarn to me (it felt like they grew the sheep up in that time frame!), but it should go quickly now that it's in my hands! Yay!

Until next week . . .
~ Julie

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