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Week 27
~ Big, achy me!

After my adventurous yoga moments last week (and having to recover all week), I decided I felt TOO good to not go again. Smart, right?? Oh boy - this class absolutely kicked my patooski! I couldn't believe how much harder it was for me to do regular stuff that is normally not a problem when I'm not pregnant. Twists? Forget it! Binding in poses? Not a chance. And my balance . . . well, let's say it's suffering from a sort of forward motion. It was fun, but I was a bit frustrated when I left. I want a yoga class that is for more athletic pregnant women. A bit slower than the normal Ashtanga class, but not as slow as regular pregnancy yoga. But then again, I doubt it will show up within the next 12 weeks so I'll just deal with the class I have and just go a lot slower and get over being behind. I suppose I DO have a reason and all . . .

We are headed on a family vacation this next week (first one in two very long years). We are so excited to sit, sit, sit some more. Sleep maybe, oh yeah, and visit the Oregon ocean. We could use the family time, I could use the time with my husband and we ALL could use some good memories and fun together. It has been an exceptionally stressful season in our lives for a while now - each passing minute makes Oregon feel a breath closer, and we are ecstatic. Everyone has been counting down the days - we have special toys the boys chose for our trip but they can't open them until we leave in the car - it's killing them but they are doing a great job. I think the day we leave can't come fast enough for them either. The last two times we have driven down there, I have gone alone in the car with the boys and the last time was enough for me to swear I would never do THAT again. Having my husband and his long arms with me to help with the boys is a must this year! I'm so glad I don't have to make that long drive as the only adult!

That said, I plan to be kind of un-helpful on the car ride. I'm bringing looooots of knitting (my favorite past time) and I'm hoping I get to knit a good portion of the trip. Don't tell my husband that's my plan.

Because we expect to walk a lot, I am bringing a portable chair with me wherever we go - my ligaments have been SCREAMING at me the past two weeks (horribly so!) and I sometimes actually limp because of the pain. This way I will have a place to camp out even if we're out on the beach in the middle of nowhere. The mere thought of walking for hours kind of makes my uterus cringe.

Wish us a good trip! We will come back with lots of pictures!

~ Julie

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