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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ A Lot O' Tummy Love!

This sweet baby tummy of mine had a great big growth spurt! Woohoo! I have been SO uncomfortable the last few days (at least a week!) so much that I wasn't able to sit much past 8 at night and even laying down has been uncomfortable . . . turns out there was a big reason and that reason has expanded the front of my belly! The other night I was going out of my mind with the upper middle back pain (it's not bone pain, just muscles that are pulling) and then once my tummy got (a LOT) bigger it has eased a lot. Thank goodness because I was very seriously considering going to the chiropractor, but I figured it was a growth spurt. Yes siree, it sure was!

I have another official photo shoot set up in a few weeks but I don't have any pictures to share this week . . . sorry!

It's been quite busy "recovering" from vacation - with laundry that I swear I *just* washed, little boys that have to remember we're not in Grandma's vacation house anymore (heh heh), and a lot of sand to get rid of. Somehow I'm more exhausted now that I've come home - perhaps part of that growth spurt. I'm going to pay attention to see if maybe I need some more iron though I think it's because the boys did less than stellar sleeping while we were gone. Honestly, thank goodness for routine!

As April moves on, I've been getting more excited for May, I'm going to be taking May off from dyeing yarn for my online yarn store (and then an extended babymoon) and I have felt the need lately to focus on this little person. I NEED the quiet, the days of preparing and nesting. Isn't that wild? I don't know that I ever paid attention to needing to nest but it's really obviously tapping my shoulder.

Now just to get the rest of the orders done for this month (and resist saying "yes" to any more!!).

~ Julie

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