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Week 30
~ We're Interviewing Doulas!

I think a switch has clicked. A switch from "la la la, I have forever" to "ack, baby is coming!!!" I called several doulas this week (I have to be picky as my husband has particular parameters for the type of person he's looking for). I'm not picky as I trust and like many of my doula friends, but we have an interview set up with at least one already so we'll see how it goes this weekend!

My husband jokes with me that all doulas are pushy but I've told him that it's not pushy, it's enabled to take on "the system" when needed, step back when it's not needed and wise enough to know when to say something, when to be quiet and how to foster the connection between partner and Mom. It's not a job for those without the delicate nuances of reading people so while he can say it's "pushy," I think it's wisdom that doulas have. (I know there is an exception to every rule, but I still believe that's the overall truth). *You'd never know I was a doula right? Ha ha!*

As my self-imposed deadline of Mother's Day approaches, I still have a long list of things to afford - a birth tub (I'm going to get the Eco Birth Tub in a Box - it's beautiful! I've seen it in person and it's so nice and roomy and really not that expensive), our doula and our new carseat (that's actually for our middle son so that the youngest can move up and the new baby can be in the youngest's seat. It's musical carseats. I'm really picky about carseats though so they're worth keeping.

I'll let you know how our doula interview goes, wish us luck!!

~ Julie

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