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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Wow, Getting Close!

As I'm about 2 weeks from finishing my last yarn business order, I'm realizing how FAST each week is flying. Seven days seems to just blow by! In about 4 weeks this baby may make their appearance! I can't believe it!

I'm not sure having two weeks to be able to sew diapers and get my house in order before I hit 38 weeks is going to be realistic . . . do you think I can make my fingers work fast enough?

My sister and best friend are going to come over in a few weeks and help me make a ton of meals (with the family food intolerances we can't expect people to make us meals this time), then I can freeze them and we'll eat them after the baby is here before I am able to return to regular meal prep and purchasing groceries. (Isn't that a wonderful way to bless me? Not to mention FUN to cook with my two bestest friends in the world). I'm grocery-hoarding already in preparation for it.

In light of the list of "To Do's", I'm trying to be realistic about what is really going to happen vs. what I'd LOVE to have happen. We desperately need to sell one of our two rentals, so that is also weighing on my mind. I'm not typically a worrier, but I have to say that I'm feeling pretty unsettled with so many loose ends not being tied up. As so many things, I'm sure it will work out, but it seems to be getting close to "last minute." It's not really a seller's market here (ha ha, understatement!) either, so we're just praying for an offer on the house.

Life is going too fast and is too busy, but it's making the time go quickly - I'm getting excited!!

Until next week . . .

~ Julie

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