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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ The "To Do" List

So my husband finally conceded a day on his weekend and we got moving on the "to do list" - ahhhh, what a treat!! I sealed our wooden playset again to protect it for the next year or so (it needed it for sure) and it looks awesome!! My husband put up a post to support the fence that was leaning and he finished a few odds and ends around the house that I'd put as priority. It wasn't perfect, but I'm not going to be picky - ha ha! Still a big list, but the big stuff is crossed off (at least on the outside of the house). And this is the first pregnancy I'm not mowing the lawn every week myself . . . can I sing hallelujah?? What a nice feeling.

Our weather is starting to warm up significantly and I'm starting to get a little extra hot. Normally I freeze my buns off all the time but this time when I either get warm or cold, it's hard to regulate my temperature the other way. I had to take my "special socks" off to be outside this weekend simply because I was starting to *roast*. I'm glad during times like this that we sleep in the basement; it's so nice and cool.

With our warm weather comes letting the boys play outside and oh my gosh, I think my youngest would be outside every single waking moment if he was allowed! He runs for the door and begs for his shoes to be put on and just is beside himself with joy when he's out there. It is so cute!! He can also safely maneuver the playset totally safely by himself so I think we found what may be my sanity this summer . . . letting the bigger boys outside to play often. We have a water table set up just waiting for it to be hot enough. I only wish we had a back screen door because I hate the flies that come in otherwise. Ah well, good trade for the entertainment and happiness of the boys!

One more week down, just about finished with the yarn order (should be next week!) and SO excited to focus on nesting in a serious way!!!!!!!

Until next week . . .

~ Julie

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