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Week 36
~ It's Cooking Week!

My sister and best friend came over this weekend and cooked about six meals worth of food for my family just to prepare my freezer for the post-baby-meals! Isn't that awesome?? It was SO fun to chop with the two women in my life I adore. We laughed and chatted and laughed some more, talked about almost every single topic around and had a great time!! I have chili, shrimp stir fry, spaghetti sauce, taco meat, chicken, etc. etc. Yum!

We took a few tummy pictures too but they are not developed yet (they are the old-school type) but when they are, I'll post them up. 36 weeks is just days from being "term" and it's mind blowing. I don't look a whole lot bigger than I did before and I have kind of stalled on weight gain, but I'm hoping it's just because I'm about to have a growth spurt soon? We took a few pictures with the boys and my tummy; I hope they turn out well!

Baby is still pretty high into my ribs and loves to start dancing in there around 11pm. I am still enjoying all the movement and love I feel for this little person. It almost seems surreal that I'm almost ready to end a season in my life with this baby's birth (my childbearing season). I'm both getting excited and ready, and feeling like I'm not ready to cross that line yet. Having my best friend be in that spot though (being "done" having children) and enjoying it so much really helps me to think I will feel the same. I always felt like we would have four children in our family so I imagine I will feel complete when this person arrives. I pray that's the case . . .

Are you tired of hearing about my "to do" list?? I have started sewing diapers and I am on a roll! I did 11 diapers in 7 hours! I also got ALL of our laundry done (and folded - gasp!) this week! It's not put away, but, well, I hate doing that. Ha ha! I will be staying up late this next week finishing up my newborn cloth diaper stash and working on the smalls. My husband jokingly asked "What's next after the diapers Babe??" because I must seem like the obsessed one lately. I told him the house is next. *Evil laugh*

Wish me luck with the diaper sewing this week!

Until next week . . .

~ Julie

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