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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ A Clean, Well-Stocked House!

My best friend came over this weekend and deep cleaned my house with me! Is she so amazing or what?? She used more bleach than should be allowed for health reasons, but the bathrooms are lick-able (laugh!) because of it and she washed all of the walls in the "child zone" (you know, the hip-height and down area of the walls?). I am going to have to do something special for her and her husband (who watched her kids while she worked at my house)! I went to sleep feeling like a million bucks that night (a million bucks with VERY sore hips). But steam-cleaned carpets, hand-scrubbed floors and super clean bathrooms from top to bottom . . . ahhhhh, what a feeling!!

We have a few things to finish up (like borrowing a digital video camera and setting up a few things so they are easily accessible), but otherwise, I'm putting out the option each night for the baby to feel free to come . . . you know . . . whenever (which for me can be soon, I won't complain!!). HOW you keep your brain from having expectations of an earlier baby when the other three have been, I'm just not sure. I am afraid I may fail miserably on not having expectation of having this little one sometime in my 38th week. But of course, just for "fun" I bet this baby will be my first 40 week baby, or something. That's just the way it goes isn't it?? I will admit now, I'm going to be crabby if that's the case . . . I'm measuring 4w ahead still so it's not easy to feel quite so huge and have a good attitude carrying on with life. Send me some grace if you think of it!

Baby is in a great position and still very active . . . this little one is the first that doesn't mind if I play around with the body parts that poke out and it's pretty cool to be able to feel the outline of a foot, the roundness of a knee. I am not sure what that means in terms of temperament but I'm hoping it means only good things for us!!

~ Julie

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