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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9
~ That Settled Feeling . . .

The weekend seems to be my quiet time when I kind of process that another week has gone by. I finally stopped peeing on pregnancy tests just last week, is that bad or what?! I may have actually started to come to grips, realized that indeed there may be a little someone that is going to stay to become part of our family! I know it should be something that comes with that first test that shows an extra line but this time it has just kind of side swiped me. I am not even sure I realized that I hadn't settled that yet - it has been a wild ride, these early pregnancy weeks!

I misspoke when I said I was starting to feel better too - blah! Morning sickness can't leave fast enough! I can't wait to feel inspired to clean my house or organize something or do (gasp!) a load of laundry or dishes. My poor husband . . . though he has been incredibly understanding of me not doing much most days. He has finally learned, wonderful man.

We only have a few more weeks before we tell our families and I'm already trying to figure out the easiest way to pass the news along. NOT looking forward to anyone giving us anything less than a supportive word or facial expression . . . but I should start to ready myself now. I don't think they would be upset about the idea of another grandbaby as much as the timing. Ah the joys of a bigger than average family. Wish me luck and wisdom!

With love . . .
~ Julie

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