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Entry One ~ April 13, 2009
The Craziness of Our Life


Baby AlbreyI hope everyone had a great Easter and spent a lot of time with their families. I have been extremely busy lately. I have learned over the past three weeks that family means everything. As I had mentioned in my first entry, my grandmother was in hospice care, and she passed away on March 27, 2009. She was surrounded by all of us. That is the hardest thing I have had to go through. However that being said, the day she died would have been Reygen's real father's and my tenth anniversary. Gran sure did have a sense of humor.

Both of the girls went to their doctor appointments and Albrey weighs a whole 14 pounds; she is growing so fast. You know it seems that I just brought her home from the hospital. Now look at her, she is almost crawling, she says mama and baba. Her temper sure does show! The pediatrician told us to start giving her a sippy cup. Her favorite to drink is sweet tea, and you can't get it to her fast enough! She gets so mad and starts screaming, not even crying, just yelling. She also is going through the mama's girl phase.

ReygenOnto Reygen . . . her allergy doctor appointment did not go so good. The left side of her nose was completely swollen shut from allergies and the allergic reaction she had has been narrowed down to mulberries. My Gran has a mulberry tree in her yard and leave it to my wild child to sneak outside and climb the tree, eat the mulberries, get a severe reaction and a trip to the ER. He did give her two prescriptions and one we cannot get filled due to it being back ordered from the manufacturer. She starts her first round of allergy testing on May 1st. The pictures that you guys see are when Reygen had her pageant for our town festival last month. She won first runner up. Reygen's nickname is Hollywood; she loves to do pageants and currently we have three crowns and she is trying for her fourth.

Last week was our spring break and my house ended up with the Rotavirus. Reygen and Chris got it; luckily I am crossing my fingers that Albrey and myself do not catch it. Reygen and Chris had to sleep in the other living room and could come past the french doors for chances that we might become infected. I have never went through that many cans of Clorox spray in my life.

Sarah went to her friends' for a couple of days over spring break and I think she had a really good time. She is so much like me even though I did not give birth to her. We are very simple, we don't wear makeup unless we have to, on weekends we can stay in our PJ's, put our hair in a pony tail and be perfectly happy. She is a senior this year and her life has taken her to the direction where she wants to go to a community college and continue to live with us. I am all about that; she makes me so proud and I so glad we can be a positive influence on her. She also helps us a lot with the girls. My poor husband is stuck with so many females in the house, even our puppy, Jojo, is a female. She really missed the girls being active last week; the virus stuck around our house for 4 days. Jojo is so crazy when I mop my kitchen floor; she runs and slides over it back and forth like a slipping slide.

For myself I have been able to take some time when everyone is asleep and read the book Twilight, watch the movie, and am reading the second book New Moon. Those have been pretty good to read. For those of you who have watched the movie without reading the book, the book is better. Let me say this . . . I am NOT a "fanpire," it is just exercise for my brain and my relaxing time to myself.

I think that I have covered everything for this time. Hopefully next time I will have some funny things that have happened. Until next time, keep up the good mom work. You guys are all fabulous!!!

~ Kari

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