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Entry 10 ~ February 16, 2010
First Runner Up

AlbreyHey Everyone!

I am sure you can guess by the title that this entry has something to do with winning, and you are right. Albrey won first runner-up in her pageant. We were very happy and she looked so cute.

I was so nervous the entire week. I was hoping that I had gotten the right dress. Her dress is a size 6 month because she is so tiny. I was hoping that it was not too short. Then came Saturday and I had to put the finishing touches on her dress, make her headband, and finish her socks. So we got through that with flying colors. We got to the pageant and my sister and I took her backstage to dress her, I was a complete wreck. I did get to sit in the audience this time. Every time Reygen had a pageant I was always backstage with her so I never really got to watch the little ones. I tell you they are so funny!!!!

AlbreyWhen Albrey walked out on that stage I almost cried! You see it was not that long ago that I had her and here she is in her first pageant. She was too cute. She kept looking at the judges with this grin on her face and was just a waving. She did so great. They announced the winners and she won First Runner-Up. So I am guessing that I did pick a good dress after all. I could not believe it! So we were done with one and we just have one more left.

I was able to spend last Thursday at home with her by herself and I will tell you I has a blast with her. I forgot how much fun a little one is.

Things still have not slowed down for us. Reygen's pageant is next Saturday, so please keep your fingers crossed for her. I will say her dress is awesome and I can't wait. Also, she has her 4-H show coming up in two weeks. I hope she wins Grand Champion.

Until next time take care and stay warm!!!!!

~ Kari

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