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Entry 11 ~ March 10, 2010
You Can't Win them All

Reygen at pageantI am sure you can all guess what this entry is about. Boy has it been a busy couple of weeks. I will start with Reygen's pageant. I thought she did very well and her dress was "off the chain," but apparently the judges did not! When it came to announcing the winners she did not even place. I was in shock; you see the other girls did not have "pageant" style dresses and they wore their hair up. Last time I checked in 4-6 graders you don't want them to look older than what they are. I guess it just was not meant to be.

Of course Reygen was all upset and could not understand. We did not let her wear any make-up and made her go all natural. Maybe because I am her mom I thought she looked gorgeous. The pictures you see are of her on stage and with her cousin; they look more like brother and sister.

Reygen and her cousinI did get the scores and the only comment on them were that she is "very well spoken." Two judges scored her dress really low and did not put any comments in that section. Reygen told us that she was done with home town pageants and that she wanted to move up to the "real" pageants. So in May there is a Sweet Pea pageant about an hour from us and we more than likely put her in that if she wants.

4-HThe other picture you see is of her 4-H show and sale. That was such a busy week that I did not think that it would ever end. The results from that were not good either. She placed last in her class, got called in for Showmanship and did not win that either. She told us after that that she wanted to go back to showing steers. She told us that at least she could control them! Now we are in the mode to find a steer for next year. We will have to purchase it and bring it home in July. I am excited that she decided to go back to steers. You see I am a "cow" person all the way; pigs are no interest to me and I have no clue on what to do for them. The good thing is that she went out for the sale and ended up with $6.50 a pound for her hog. After her expenses are taken out she cleared $1300.00 without the add-ons. I guess you could say the whole month was not a total bust!

Hope all is well for everyone, talk to you guys next month!

~ Kari

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