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Entry 13 ~ May 11, 2010
Nice Change of Weather

Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone is enjoying Spring or should I say the signs of Summer for those of you that live in Florida. The weather here has been very hot and humid, but then again we are not here to talk about the weather!

This month started out with Albrey's 18 month check-up and I can report that she is a happy, healthy LITTLE girl. I have put the emphasis on the word little because she only weighs 20 pounds 1 ounce. WOW she gained a whole 7 ounces in 3 months. The pediatrician told us that she is not worried because she eats and drinks, plus she is very active. I told them that I am worried she is going to be a midget! She reassured us that she is not. Onto her speech . . . I have stated previously that I was worried about her not really talking, well boy, was I wrong. Now she talks up a storm! Her favorite thing to say is "NO Reygen" and as she is saying this she moves her pointer finger back and forth. She has that down pat! Also she does not like Reygen touching me so there are several times when I have both the girls in my lap. I am also happy to report that we have officially stopped breastfeeding, yeah! Now we are sleeping through the night. I need all my rest I can get with trying to keep up with these two!

Reygen and AlbreyReygen has hit a growth spurt and is almost at eye level with me. She has really become lean and bony! When I look at her I just want to cry because she is growing up so fast! Where has the time gone? Reygen's class had a mini track meet and she did the mile; I asked her if she was crazy! You see I ran track but I did sprints and hurtles. She said she loves to do the mile and she did not do so bad! Now that summer is approaching she only wants to go to the river and swim. Her grades are still faring well and she is so ready for summer, but mom is not! Last night we had Reygen's 4-H banquet and it was very nice. At least we get a break until July for the animals.

We celebrated Mother's day this past weekend and I could not have asked for a more perfect day. Reygen got me a necklace from the school store, Albrey got me a gerber daisy in a very pretty pink pot, and my wonderful husband got my hair done for me! I actually got to spend a day at the salon with no kids!!!! We went to church and then we went out to eat with both of our moms and then made homemade ice cream at my mom's. Albrey and Reygen played outside all afternoon. On Saturday we stayed at the river all day swimming and jet skiing. Albrey loves the water, actually my whole house loves the water! We are supposed to go to the beach this summer for vacation; hopefully the oil spill will not have an impact on our plans. If it does that is going to be a real bummer!

Well I had better go referee the kids and I hope everyone is enjoying this nice change of weather!!!

See you guys next time!

~ Kari

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