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Entry 14 ~ June 24, 2010
Work, Work and More Work

Hello everyone,

Sorry I am so late with my entry this month, but things have been super crazy around here. School has been out for two weeks and my work could not be any more frustrating. Our fiscal year ends July 1 and I have so much left to do, that I am wondering if I am ever going to get it done. On top of that our four day work week started so I am off every Friday. I love being able to spend that time with my girls.

Anywho on another note, I started a diet and I have lost 15 pounds so far, go me!!!! Chris and I also started a tree trimming and removal business and that has slowly started to pick up.

AubreyAs for the girls, they are still the same silly little girls. Reygen did spend a week with her dad, who by the way, still has not stepped up. She is starting to see the reality of things, and I am so glad she is seeing the truth. Reygen was promoted to 6th grade, and I am wondering where the time went. Albrey is talking more and more these days and it seems that she has grown a foot.

We are getting ready to spend July 4th on Marco Island at the beach and then the last week of July there also. I can't wait! I am in some much needed time away from work.

Until next time hope everyone enjoys the summer. I need to get back to work!

~ Kari

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