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Entry 15 ~ July 15, 2010
Summer Just Got Great!

Hello everyone,

Albrey at the beachGotta love summer . . . After my almost nervous breakdown about work (got done on time) I was really looking forward to going to Marco Island for the Fourth! That Friday started out like any other. We got up early that morning and ran our errands, packed the car, and made arrangements for my best friend to come feed the miniature poodle and let him out. We got to Marco and things were going great. We decided to take Albrey to the ocean; now mind you she has never seen the beach or ocean. I was so excited, and I had my camera out and was taking shots of both of the kids. Albrey took off running and dove head first in the ocean with no swimmies on. Luckily she popped her head up and stood up as we were frantically trying to grab her while the waves were crashing on the shore bobbing her up and down. She just started laughing like nothing ever happened. Lesson learned; we keep swimmies on at all times.

Reygen at the beachLater that night around 8 pm my best friend called me to let me know that someone had broken into our house. I called the sheriff's department and they came out but they would not do a report until I came home. My friend decided to take the pup home with her and we had a watch put on our house. I was really mad at this point. Saturday rolled around and we decided to head back down to the beach and play some more. Albrey decided to try and run again but a small dip stopped her and she was rolling on the sand; it was so funny. We spent a couple hours playing and then went to the pool and swam. I could live at the beach no questions asked. It was so relaxing and all of my issues and problems melted away!! I have included pictures of both my girls at the ocean.

fireworksJuly 4th finally came and I would have you know that it rained all day. No beach or pool for us. It cleared up long enough for the fireworks (I included one I took that Marco Island launched). After the fireworks we all went to the beach to do our own little fireworks and Albrey grabbed a sparkler. She had a tiny blister but it wasn't too bad.

Monday came and I was not looking forward to going home I felt so violated and not safe! We discovered most of our things were there, and we would have to get a new door. I checked our mail and lo and behold I had a court summons for Tuesday on child support for Reygen. I am thinking this is great a motion for contempt. Reygen stayed in Marco with my parents for two weeks. I went to court and of course he fed the judge a line of bull and has two weeks to make half of a payment. Are you kidding me? Seriously half of a payment when he owes 5000.00! I left very mad and feel like there is no justice system.

Chris and I decided to get a yellow lab to help protect our house and it just so happened that a girl I used to work with had a four year old female that she wanted to give away because with her four kids she just did not have the time. We picked her up and she is great with our children and does a really great job protecting the house. Mind you all of this has happened within two weeks. As if I had not had enough bad luck here lately, Albrey got the stomach bug which has been passed around to everyone in my house except me, and now I am not feeling the greatest.

well guys I need to get off of here; I think I need to lay down for a while. Hope everyone is staying cool and having safe!!!

~ Kari

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