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Entry 16 ~ August 17, 2010
School Shopping and a Birthday

Hello everyone,

AlbreyYes, yes, yes!!! School is starting in currently six days. I am really happy that we are going to get back into the swing of a normal routine. There will be no more whining about wanting to stay up late, no more on "I am bored," and finally no more on "do I have to go with Albrey to the babysitter." As you can tell I am extremely happy about this.

We have been school shopping and have the things that a girl has to have--even the cool socks. This shopping trip was a lot less stressful than previous years. We only had to hit three stores--Aeropostal, Sketchers, and Sears. We were in the mall a total of an hour and we were done. Reygen has gotten so much better about shopping. When have to go shopping (clothes or shoes) we have to drive 60 miles over to the mall. That is such a long drive so we usually try to get what we need for about three months.

ReygenSunday the 15th was Reygen's 11th birthday and she decided to go to Hooters for her dinner. I made special arrangements for my parents, my sister, and my best friend along with one of Reygen's friends to go with us. We arrived at Hooters and they placed all of us at a table together and brought Reygen this lovely glass that you guys see her holding and a signed tee-shirt by all the waitresses. Also what Reygen did not realize was that they made you stand on a chair and flap your "wings" like an owl and hold a "beak" in your mouth. If you stop flapping or drop your beak you have to start all over. Well my lovely child was so embarrassed!!! In the picture you can tell how red her face is!!! She stopped flapping, and they started all over again! What made it so cool was, our waitress had the am and pm staff come sing to her; there were like 20 girls surrounding our table.

Things are going pretty good for now except for the little things in life that creep up on you. Chris' mom went and had a PET scan to check and see if the chemo worked; I will keep you guys posted on the results next month. Reygen has went and picked out her show steer for this coming up 4-H season. He should be coming home in a week or two. I am excited but then again I am not; it just means a lot of work but it all pays off in the end. She has decided to name him Fitch.

FamilyAlbrey is starting to speak in sentences where we can actually understand her. She is a funny little baby! She tells us all the time to "come on" . . . she doesn't know where she is going and doesn't care, she just wants to go! She had upgraded to a big girl cup and we are trying to potty train. So far we have not had any success. Albrey will be two in 45 days and I am wondering where the time has went.

I have included a family pic from Hooters. I hope everyone is getting geared up for the upcoming school year.

Take care until next month,
~ Kari

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