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Entry 17 ~ September 1, 2010
When Life Gives You Lemons

Hey guys!

CryptonyteI know that it is pretty unusual for me to write so close together but I figured I needed to write this entry while everything is fresh in my mind. I am sure you are all wondering about my title . . .

I have had a bad week. First off the pictures are of Reygen's show steer that we picked out. We went and started the process of halter breaking and I thought it was going pretty good. Well Chris did not; this steer is crazy!! I mean crazy is not the word, if any of you have ever raised a calf, steer, or cow, you know that they can get a little high strung but not too bad. Well let's start off by saying that this steer will turn and hook you as soon as you got him in the pen by himself. For those of you who know nothing about a cow--they are not those sweet little cows on TV.

Well, back to my story, he lifted Chris and the other guy up that was helping us tie him to the pen. We got him tied and was touching him with the brush and trying to pet him, but he was not a happy camper. We untied him and he was still hooking us. The next day we went out to work with him again and he was crippled. I was hoping he was just sore but it has been 7 days later and he is worse. Reygen decided to name him "cryptonyte" and you can figure out why. The ranch is on another hunt to find us a different one; we have 10 days until initial weigh-in so I am really nervous. We need to find one quick.

After that disaster we discovered our lab "Daisy" is pregnant and about to have puppies any day. That is just what I needed and I am very upset because I really did NOT want that headache of puppies. They will be registered labs so we will see where that goes. The family we got her from told us they had no clue that she was bred. GREAT, GREAT that is just what I really wanted to hear. So by everyone's calculations we should have pups in a week. I will keep you guys all updated in this process.

HalterNext my babysitter may be taking on a full time working job which means I need to find another sitter and in my small town there are none. This has lead me to the conclusion that I may have to quit work and start babysitting myself. There are five girls that have came and asked me to do this, but I am unsure because I am worried about stability in this economy. I know that God will guide me in the right direction and all will be the way it should.

I also have another court date coming up in September with Reygen's father so we will see what happens. Chris and I have decided to try and sell our tree business and equipment. There is so much going on with our kids that we feel we just can not take on anymore.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I know that all of this is trivial stuff but I am stressed to the max! This is a test and we are going to pass with flying colors.

Take care for now!
~ Kari

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