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Entry 18 ~ September 16, 2010
A Little Bit of Sugar

puppies!Hey guys!

I hope everyone is doing great! Well by the title to the this entry I am sure you guys can guess that things might be looking up for us a bit.

Daisy had her puppies on September 7, 2010 and she had two little girls. She had them on my dad's birthday and I took the afternoon to sit with her to make sure she had no complications. She seemed like she was doing great and was eating and drinking. I called the previous owner and she told me to make sure she had all pups because she had to have a c-section before. I kept my eye on her and low and behold, she another one that was still born. I was worried about her so I took her to the vet and everything was ok. The puppies are getting bigger every day; the good thing is they are registered labs. We have named them "Thing 1 and Thing 2". We are trying very hard to not get attached to them. I took the pictures of them when they were 8 days old; you can tell they are well fed. Albrey and Reygen fight over them. Thankfully there are two of them! There is also a picture of both of the girls with Daisy.

girlsThe ranch found us another steer as you can see. This one is a cross between an Angus and a Brahma. Reygen really does not like "black" steers but she has no option for this year. I think that he is going to be fine once we completely halter break him. We have had a couple of setbacks. His halter was rubbing his chin so we had to take it off for a couple of days and since his chin was sore he was not eating a whole lot, but I think he is on the road to recovery because this morning his feed bucket was empty! As far as his attitude goes it is far better than "Cryptonyte". This one just falls on his side when you try to pull him. Chris is so happy that he was not getting hooked. Our intial weigh-in was on September 11, 2010 and he weighed 580 pounds. Out goal is to get him up to at least 1300 pounds by show time! I will be posting pictures as we go.

Steer #2I had court this past Monday and I am waiting on the ruling from the judge to see if my case can be moved to the county where I live and work instead of the next county. It was quite amusing in court because Reygen's dad did not want it moved. I explained that since I am the only parent that supports her I cannot financially keep driving 45 miles away and using my time from work. I also explained that if an emergency were to occur with my children I would like to be able to get to them ASAP. Not once did he mention that his excuse for not wanting it moved was that he would be treated unfairly due to the fact that I was raised my whole life in my county--with it being a small town he is scared. I explained to the judge that all the research I had done the judge we were seeing in the other county is the one that comes to my county. We will see what the verdict is.

Well I guess I had better get off here to go check on all my babies!

Oh yeah my baby sitter decided to continue keeping Albee.

Take care until next time,
~ Kari

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