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Entry 19 ~ October 13, 2010
One Tired Momma

Happy Fall to All!!!

albreyI hope that everyone is enjoying this weather that we have been having. I know that here in Florida it sure has been nice and cool! As you can tell by my title I am a tired little momma. Albrey turned two on September 30th, and we had a party at my house. It was a great time but very tiring trying to get everything done. As you can see one of her presents was a Barbie 4-wheeler; she loves that thing! We had about 20 people come, we cooked six slabs of ribs, potato salad, baked beans, and had a homemade cake! We celebrated my birthday the week before (our birthdays are five days apart).

We have been so busy! Reygen's steer decided that he was not going to eat for about two weeks and I was very worried. He got an abscess under his chin from the halter and we had to take it off. Once that healed we put another halter on him and he broke it, not to mention he still was not eating. We took him and weighed him and he dropped 30 pounds which is not good! We could not afford for him to drop weight because he was lighter than we wanted to begin with. Reygen has to have him weigh-in at least at 850 pounds and have gained a minimum of 1.75 pounds a day. We gave him an antibiotic shot and put another halter on him. He finally started eating, but lo and behold he broke the new halter! He learned to pop them off. So we put another halter on him and so far so good. I named him "Hocus Pocus" because we have gone through five halters. We did weigh him after eight days and he gained 56 pounds, that was music to my ears!

albreyDaisy and the pups are doing great and I am so glad that the puppies will be going to new homes soon. I had thought about keeping one but after I have been dealing with them and they are not potty trained I just can't bring myself to keep one. I am so tired of mopping and cleaning 24/7. I dread coming home because I know that I will have a mess to clean up! My cousin gave the girls two parakeets and Albrey loves them! However I came home at lunch the other day and one was dead. Albrey keeps asking about him so this weekend I am sure we are going to go get another one. That brings our total count of critters to: 1 dog, 2 puppies, 1 bird, 1 steer and 2 dairy cows = 1 insane crazy momma! I can say that both of the girls are pretty good about helping me feed them.

Well guys I had better get back to work! I hope every has a Happy Halloween. I still have to get costumes . . . were does my time go?

~ Kari

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