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Entry 20 ~ November 1, 2010
Enjoying Fall


AlbreyI hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. Albrey was a Florida Gator cheerleader and Reygen was an Indian Princess.I have to say that my kids really wore me out trick or treating. I forgot what it is like to have a little one that you have to take or should I say walk with. The girls did get enough candy to last them six months and probably three cavities.

We did get a new parakeet and his name is "Blueberry," so we added another animal to our house but I would not let the girls get one until the puppies were at their new homes. I am so happy that they went to the new owners. Reygen's steer on the other hand is not where he should be; he weighs 690 pounds and I was hoping he was at least 715 pounds. At this rate we are worried about him making the weight for show, but I am going to monitor him really close, so that means we will be weighing him every Saturday for the next month to see where we are at. Reygen did get her first report card and I am happy to report she has all A's and one B.

halloween 2010We have been trying to start potty training Albrey and she refuses to have anything to do with it. I have asked her if she wants to be a big girl like Reygen and she flat out tells us "NO" so I guess she is just not ready, on the other hand I am so tired of buying diapers! I am hoping that she will come around really soon.

Chris and I went to a retirement party the other night (the first actual night out since Albrey was born) with no kids; we had a really great time. I told him we have to do that more often so we will see where that goes.

Well I think that is all I have to report for this time. I hope everyone is enjoying Fall and is ready for the great food and family time that is around the corner.

Take care,
~ Kari

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