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Entry 22 ~ January 3, 2011
~ Santa and the Flu . . .

Albrey - ChristmasI want to apologize for being late with this entry. The kids got out of school on the 17th of December and on the 19th we all came down with what we thought was the start of a cold. On Monday the kids were running a fever, and we made a trip to the doctor's office. The diagnosis was the FLU . . . great; that is just what we needed. The kids received a prescription for Tamiflu and I could take nothing as I am preggo. That was a miserable week, and I was hoping that we would recover by Christmas as I still had to go shopping.

Christmas Eve I was no better and the kids had perked up a bit. I decided I had no choice but to get motivated, make my list and get in and out from shopping as fast as I could. I did survive two grueling hours shopping and the hour and a half drive to the nearest town with shops. I wrapped all the presents and had them put away until after the kids went to bed. Both of my girls were in bed and asleep by 9 pm which was a blessing for me. I put all the presents out and went to bed myself.

Christmas Day rolled around way too early for me but the kids were so happy that Santa had came and it was a crazy mess!!!! The kids received a lot from everyone and I cannot tell you what all they received. I do know that Santa left Albrey a dual portable dvd player for the car and that has been the best present!!! We no longer hear her screaming to get out of her seat!!! The flu lasted at my house for 14 days and we are finally feeling better.

ReygenThere have been a lot of changes at my house. Chris took a different job that pays more but the hours are long. He has been hauling oranges, so when you are drinking your OJ my husband probably delivered the oranges to the plant! I have had to come up with a routine for me and the girls by myself and I think that I have mastered that. I have been pretty tired here lately and the days seem to come and go. I had a doctor's appointment last week. The heart rate for little "gummie bear" is 156 bpm, and I am 13 weeks along. All seems to be going well on the preggo front. We have decided pending my pregnancy goes great, we will be having a water birth and going to a birthing center. If any of you have done this please, let me know. I am curious.

I had better get back to work!!! Happy NEW YEAR.
~ Kari

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