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Entry 23 ~ January 28, 2011
~ Nothing Is in it's Place

As you can tell by my entry things have seem to have gotten lost. We are in the process of remodeling our house on the inside, and it seems as if I cannot find anything. We are getting new floors, re-doing our bathroom, extending our kitchen complete with new counter tops, and creating a big walk-in closet. Now I know that all of this does not seem like much but it is and my house in in a disarray! We are doing this now so everything will be ready when "Gummy bear" gets here. The kids don't really seem to mind the mess but I am not happy about it! Luckily we are friends with our contractor so that part is easy. There is just a lot of running in and out and more decisions than I thought.

On another note the kids are doing great. This past weekend Reygen had livestock judging at a fair about an hour and a half away that we went to. Her group placed 4th in the junior division which was great considering that was the first time they have done it. Il on the other handl was miserable . . . the walk was about five miles to and from and trying to keep Albrey content during those three hours was not easy. Albrey and I stayed at the petting zoo; she thought the goats and llamas were hilarious.

Albrey has been sleeping in her own bed about a month all night long now. She has just started telling us the past two weeks when she is ready to go to bed around 8:30 pm. She seems to be growing so fast. Her speech has picked up and I have to keep from laughing at her sometimes. She has been dabbling with potty training and I am hoping soon we can be fully trained.

Reygen made honor roll this past week and decided that for the last month she wanted to stop her adderall to she how she could do. Chris and I discussed this and we told her she could try it, but at the first sign of her grades slipping she had to go back on it. I can say so far things are going pretty good with that.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I proud to say that I have only gained 5 pounds the whole 17 weeks that I have been preggo. The heartbeat was at 160 bpm and "gummy bear" seemed to be doing good. I did however get the results from my last visit and I have low iron' I knew I was exhausted all the time but I just thought my kids and the house was wearing me out. I started iron supplements so we will see how that goes.

I guess I had better get off here and continue my work. Hopefully I will have some remodeling pictures for my next entry. Unitl then take care and bundle up, winter has not been kind this year!

~ Kari

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