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Entry 25 ~ March 14, 2011
~ First Place

Reygen and Hocus PocusOur town festival and livestock show is over! I am so glad that we get a break for a while. I really did not think I was going to make it through that week. Getting up at 6 AM and not getting to bed until 11 PM really took a toll on me.

Reygen did a fantastic job and I could not be a happier momma. At final weigh-in "Hocus Pocus" weighed 960 pounds, not exactly where he needed to be but at least she made weight and was able to show and sale. We got him into the barn and tied up in his designated spot. She really did name him for a reason and everyone in the barn soon found out. He got out of his safety rope three times and was so noisy he was a menace. He was not bad, had never tried to hurt anyone; he was just noisy and playful! So they moved him over to a wall by himself; I will be sad to admit he got stuck under a cable. He just never learned. The night of her show came around and she was in the first class. She won first in her class which meant that she had to go back in for Grand Champion. That was a big accomplishment. Both years that she has shown a steer she has won first in her class. That was a long night for both her and her steer. He was good except he did not want to stand still and kept turning his butt to everybody.

The pic you see is of her going in for her class. I could only get pictures of the back of them because they would not stand still. She went back in for Grand Champion, but she did not get that as he was too light.

AlbreySale night was the next night and she got $3.00 a pound for him! She did more than break even. We were almost at the end of the week and I was so glad! We had our festival and parade on Saturday and the kids had a great time. Sunday rolled around and she loaded him on the trailer and we went home and became bums for 24 hours.

The picture of Albrey is when she told me she needed to go to the store and asked me for my keys. This kid is such a mess. I laugh at her all the time. She told us she is ready for baby sister to get here. I think she will adjust to a new baby with no problems. She talks to baby Bradyn all the time and gives my tummy kisses. She can be really sweet but then again she can be mean!!!!

Well I am still treking along in pregnancy and everything seems to be going great! Until next time, take care!!!

~ Kari

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