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Entry 26 ~ April 1, 2011
~ Double Take

Baby BradynYesterday I had a doctor's appointment and I went ahead and scheduled a 3d ultrasound. I had to do the glucose test--yuck--and the normal checkup that comes around every month. I sure do hope that I passed the test; I had no problems with the other two pregnancies so I am hoping that this one is the same. We went to the 3d ultrasound and I was so excited!!!! I sure was hoping that one of my babies would look like me.

It took forever to get baby Bradyn to move her arm and give us a look at her face. When she moved her arm I has to do a double take because she looked just like Albrey. I guess that means none of them look like me. I was so amazed at how much of a baby she looked liked. I am really getting excited for the day she arrives. I know I have 12 weeks give or take, but I have never been good at waiting. This weekend I will probably get out all the baby clothes and start washing and putting them away. I need to see what all I have and what all I need to get.

Baby BradynBoth of the girls are doing really well. Reygen got her report card yesterday and I am so happy to say she is on the honor roll again. She has been doing very well in school and it is hard to believe that in nine weeks school will be out for the summer. Albrey has been doing so great by still sleeping in her bed, but she still has no interest in potty training fully. This is driving me insane. I have no clue what else to do.

On another note--I think spring has missed us and we are in full swing of the summer weather. It has been hot and muggy. We did plant some new plants this past weekend and did yard work. Reygen decided to skip out on this event and went to my parents. Albrey, on the other hand, was ready to do yard work. Her yard work consisted of playing in the water hose.

I had better get back to work. Talk to you soon!

~ Kari

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