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Entry 27 ~ May 9, 2011
~ The Long Stretch

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and Mother's day. Ours was pretty uneventful and relaxing. We went to my mom's for Easter with our whole family, about 60 of us all together. Then for Mother's day we went to my brother's. We had a great day at both places. Things have been really flying by these days and it does not seem that I have 8 weeks (give or take a few) until baby Bradyn is here. I have not done anything. The only thing we have done is purchase a car seat. I have to pull out all Albrey's baby clothes and go through them.

Maybe this weekend I will get a little more energy to do these things. I did pass my glucose test. The girls are doing pretty good. Reygen is trying out for our JV cheerleading squad and she has tryouts in three days. She really wants to make the team, so we have had to tell her that if she does not make it, it will not be the end of the world. As long as she tries her best that is all we are asking of her. Her grades are still A's and 1 B. She is growing up way too fast!!!

Albrey is still my little midget. She still only weighs 23 pounds but she is like dynamite! She still does not have a total interest in potty training, so we just take it one day at a time. Today she may wear undies all day and do great, then tomorrow she may not. She is very strong willed. She has completely made it to sleeping in her bed for a while now, and I have to admit it feels great to have my bed back. She sleeps all night long. We have been telling her about her baby sister and she says she is ready. I think I am going to have my hands full because she says she is going to rock her and feed her.

As the time is coming closer I am getting a little more nervous. I keep asking myself how in the world am I going to handle three kids? I know I have to get into a routine but I am still really nervous. Then the other issue at hand is we have told everyone that only Chris and I are going to be present for the birth. We are doing a water birth at a birthing center; I want this time to be just him and I as we did not have that with Albrey. Of course everyone is mad but I really don't care. His mother thinks that she is going to come stay at our house for a week after the baby, but I am going to have to burst her bubble and let her know that this is just not going to happen. She can come for an afternoon when the baby is a couple days old. I can remember with Albrey that woman did not give me one moment's peace. I was tired and wore out, and she came over everyday to my house. How in the heck can you rest when people will not leave you alone? Talk about wear out your welcome.

Well guys I guess I had better get, sorry to vent here at the end. Hope the sun is shining for all of you as it has been very hot here in Florida!!!!

~ Kari

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