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Entry 28 ~ June 7, 2011
~ Is This It?

Hi Guys . . .

This past month has been a whirlwind of activities, excitement, disappointment, and wonder. First off Reygen did not make the cheerleading squad and was crushed. It took her about a week to recover, and I am still not fully sure she has. She had great grades on her report card and her FCAT scores were both a 5 in reading and a 5 in math. I can brag that I have one smart girl!!!! She has been very helpful these past couple of weeks in helping out around the house trying to get everything prepared for Bradyn.

Albrey is still a mess and getting better at it everyday. My mom kept her last week and tried to successfully potty train her completely but as you would guess it just has not happened. Her vocabulary is very extensive and she is very independent and strong willed. She had come down with the stomach bug but recovered very quickly. Our goal this summer is to teach her to swim and completely potty train.

Yesterday I woke up to bleeding severely and ended up in the hospital to see what was going on. The only diagnosis that I received was that my cervix was changing and causing this. Bradyn looked good and is in the ready to go position. I have been having contractions about every 20 minutes and I am really sore. My doctor expects that she might just come in the next four days. I was dilated to 1 centimeter. The only thing is that if she comes in the next four days, I can not have my water birth and I have to deliver at the hospital.

In the same sense I can't continue like this for another two weeks. My doctor has me at 35 weeks, my period has me at 36 weeks, and yesterday the ultrasound showed her at 37 weeks and 6lbs 11oz. Who knows what will happe. I just might have a new baby to write about in my next entry.

Well guys, keep us in your prayers that everything will be okay.

Until next time, take care!!!!
~ Kari

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