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Entry 29 ~ June 20, 2011
~ Angels

BradynThis is probably the hardest journal for me to write . . . I went to the hospital on June 13th because I was having some contractions that did not feel right. I called Chris at work and told him he needed to come home for us to go and he could not leave at the moment because he was broken down in the grove. I called my best friend to have her drive me the hour to the hospital with the promise that I would call Chris as soon as I knew something.

We arrived at the hospital and I explained to them that my midwife told me to go there as there were the discrepancies with my dates on the pregnancy. They attached me to the monitors and I was having contractions every 2-4 minutes with some bleeding. My cervix was dilated to 3 cm and her head was at the opening of my cervix. Since my midwife does not deliver at the hospital I was at the mercy of a doctor I did not know. The nurse came in and told me that I would be having a baby that day and we were going to a birthing suite. At that point a nurse appeared and I remembered her from delivering Albrey. I also called Chris and told him to get there ASAP.

Bradyn & AlbreyWe got to our room and I was being hooked up to all the monitors and doing paper work. I was explaining to the nurse that I wanted to go as natural as possible and I did not want pitocin in any way. The doctor came in and I met him; he seemed very nice and told me that he was going to let me do what I wanted. At that point I felt a gush and I thought my water broke. Chris, my sister, and my mom had just arrived. The nurse checked and it was not my water but blood and a lot of it. Chris was not sure what to think and do, my sister and I both knew what was going on. I told the nurse to please make sure my baby was ok and to go ahead and bring the papers for me to sign for the c-section. I assured Chris that it would be ok, the nurse asked who was going to go back to the OR with me and Chris said that he could not, I told my sister to get her S**T together and let's go. They made her stay outside the doors because I had to be put under general because it was an emergency and there was no time for an epidural or spinal.

At this point I was in the OR and begging them to please make sure that Bradyn arrived safely and to take care of me. The doctor and nurse both promised me that everything would be ok, I told them not to make promises they cannot keep and to please tell my husband that I loved him and to take care of my babies. The next thing I remember was waking up and Chris was sitting across the room in a rocking chair. I asked him if my baby was ok and he held her up for me to see and told me that she was perfect.

BradynThey brought her over to me for me to hold and Chris explained to me that the doctor had said that my placenta was abrupting and had been, that the only thing that had saved us that last week was that it was clotting but when I started having contractions it made it worse. He also told Chris that they had Bradyn out in less that 45 seconds and that I had lost two pints of blood. He told Chris that Bradyn and I had angels watching over us and that the man upstairs had a different plan for us. He told Chris that we did not know how lucky we were and how bad that it could have ended in, if I would have not followed my instincts.

The whole floor was talking about how much of a miracle Bradyn was and how lucky I was to have made it. We are recovering and having a c-section has been very difficult for me with having to take care of two little ones during the day. I am very sore but getting better by the day. Everyone seems to be adjusting well.

Ms. Bradyn Hennly West
6 lbs 9 oz; 20 inches long

Take care guys and I will talk to you next month!!!!
~ Kari

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