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Entry 3 ~ June 10, 2009
Summer Blues

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. Our summer has started off really good. First I would like to say Sarah graduated and it was a perfect evening for an outside ceremony. Reygen went to her dad's for the weekend, and he told us he could not keep her any over the summer. So that put us on a scramble to find a babysitter for her. Sarah was going to keep her but she got hired for a job. Needless to say my other niece is going to keep her and they will alternate weeks at my brother's house and ours.

Albrey took four steps the other day, it was very exciting, but on the other hand, that is my baby and I don't want her to get big too fast. She also says "bye" and she goes to the door and says "bye bye" when she wants us to take her somehwere. The little turkey still does not have teeth, and it doesn't seem to stop her from eating table food.

On a lighter note my summer will be filled with packing and moving. We are buying my grandmother's house; she is in a nursing home and told us she will never be home. Her mind is sharp as a tack but she can't really walk or take care of herself. We went this weekend to see her, and it was so hard for me to leave her there. She told us to have a yard sale with her stuff, but I cannot do that, so we are going to box up her stuff and put it in storage. There are some things we are going to have to do to make it more modern since it was built in 1966, but it will be a work in progress. We just felt that we are throwing our money away by renting and not having anything we are working towards.

Reygen's dad still has not been paying child support which really bothers me. He has two other kids and another one on the way and yet he can't take care of the one he had first. I have come to learn that child support enforcement is a joke; they don't really help you. His reason is because he does not have a job, but I am not crazy. He works for places that pay him under the table. He is even going to Key West this weekend for a fishing tournamnet that is a $1500.00 entry fee. Sorry if I am venting, it just makes me so mad that he doesn't want to help pay for his child.

Reygen also wants to go to Tennessee in two weeks to see my cousin and his family, so we have to come up with $300.00 for a plane ticket. Chris is going to build a fence this weekend so we can pay for her ticket. She is really excited since she has never been out of Florida. I am sorry for venting but I can't vent at home; we don't let the kids know anything about our finances. We both work and yeah we are buying a house but I am getting a very good deal. We don't just have a lot of money to waste.

I guess I better go; I hear the kids arguing. Hopefully I will have a funnier entry next time.

Until then, take care.
~ Kari

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