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Entry 30 ~ July 23, 2011
~ 6 Weeks Already

Hi Guys!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer.

braydenThe past six weeks have gone by really fast. I am recovering very well from the c-section; I do however have times when I feel as if I was robbed. I was completely put to sleep and I missed those first moments with my baby, not to mention I was the last person who got to see and hold her. On the other hand I am so thankful that she is ok and I made it. The other thing that I had to come to terms with is the fact that I cannot have any more kids; the chance of another placental abruption in pregnancies after having one is very high and I just don't think I am willing to take that chance. I have also made the decision not to go back to work. That's right, I am going to join the stay at home mom force! I have also lost 30 pounds total from the time I had her until now. Enough about me . . .

Bradyn now weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces, which averages to an ounce a day on weight gain. She is getting so big and I am wondering where the time goes and if I can slow it down. She can hold her head up and she is staying so alert these days. So far she is turning out to be a very good baby. We only have to get up twice a night for feedings and she is very content during the day in her swing or play pen. I will say it does not matter to her if she is breastfed or bottle fed as long as she can eat. I truly call her my miracle baby and she does not get far from me.

braydenAlbrey has been doing very good with potty training and we no longer have to buy diapers. She still has accidents every now and then with peeing in her pants but I guess that is to be expected. She still only weighs 24 pounds which they said that she is going to be small so I am not worried. Her vocabulary is very extensive these days and she knows her colors. It is hard to believe that she will be three in September. She has had a relapse and has decided that she needs to sleep in our bed, so we are working on that again.

Reygen has been really bored this summer but has been a really big help to me. She is very ready for school to start back as I am too. I can tell that she has missed going to the beach this summer but then again we all have. Her birthday is in August and once again I will feel very old as she is going to be 12. She has visited her dad more this summer than the previous summers and I constantly worry when she is up there. She has made the decision that she is going to take this year off from showing 4-H and I can honestly say it is a bit of a relief.

BraydenChris is off for the summer and I am glad to have his help around the house. He has painted the outside of our house and has done some odd and end jobs that needed to be done. The only bad thing is that we have been sick. It all started with me; I got a cold, then Albrey got it, then Chris, then Reygen, then Bradyn, I thought that it stopped there but oh no we all got it a second time, then Albrey got pink eye. I think we are finally recovered after two bottles of lysol later. My babies are growing so fast and I don't want to miss a moment of them growing.

Well I guess I had better go. Bradyn is crying and hungry.

~ Kari

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