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Entry 31 ~ September 3, 2011
~ Basics

BradynSorry it has taken me a little bit to get this entry out but we have been really busy! We had to go cow hunting for four days to look for a steer that had escaped and ran into a cane farm. After four days of hunting we finally found him. The only thing about cow hunting is that we had to get up super early and was out really late!!! At least that task has been marked off our list. Then we were worried that the hurricane was going to hit us so we had to fix some minor things around our house. We updated the caulking around our windows and roof. Thankfully it did not directly hit Florida, but in return feel really bad for the states that is did wreak havoc on.

The next task at hand was getting Reygen ready for school; I will say that she has done really good so far! She gets herself up in the mornings gets ready and heads out. In the afternoons she walks home seeing as we only live two blocks from the school. This year seems to being going good, she does not have half the homework that she has had in the past. She did decide to cut her hair in a bob and it looks really good. True test will be when she gets her interim.

AlbreyAlbrey has still been the same little hot mess that she always is. She got some immunizations and she was not a happy camper. Her weight is still 23 pounds and has started taking vitamins. She put in her order for her birthday that is coming up and I thought at 3 there is no way she could want as much as she does.

Bradyn also got her immunizations and weighs 12.2 pounds . . . way bigger than Albrey ever was at 11 weeks. She can roll over now and she coos. I love to hear her talk and every morning she wakes up with a smile. We only breastfeed at night now and that seems to be working perfect. She drinks 5oz of formula with cereal now, her spitting up does not seem as bad.

kittyChris and I have finished painting and decorating Albrey and Bradyn's room. It is done in Tinkerbell and the rest of the fairies with butterflies. The trim we did in pink. We also gave in and got the girls a kitten; her name is Ballarina. She did not come to us litter trained so we spent two days training her so hopefully we are done with that part. We have done yard work and trimmed our flowers. I am officially a SAHM now and I am loving it so far. My days seem to go by really fast. The only thing is I do not ever get an hour to myself. It also seems as if I am always doing laundry and cleaning. Chris goes back to work in November, so we know these last two months are going to fly by. I am also currently on call as my best friend is due any day with her first baby. I am going to be taking pictures and I cannot wait; this will also be my first baby that I have ever seen born. This is my favorite time of year when you can tell fall is in the air, which means Halloween and winter is right around the corner.

Well I had better go have lots to do.
~ Kari

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