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Entry 32 ~ October 12, 2011
~ Birthdays and a Scare

Hi Guys! Hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays.

Happy birthday AlbreyThis month we had my dad's birthday, my birthday, and of course my wonderful Albrey's 3rd birthday. Her birthday turned out great and all she wanted was her ears pierced. The morning of her birthday I had made an appointment for her to do just that. She was such a brave little girl and never dropped a tear. She cleans them and turns them on her own, with my supervision. We also had a little birthday party for her and her best present besides her pretty "sapphire earrings," as she says was the karaoke machine my parents bought her. That is right folks I said a karaoke machine; we have concerts in my living room . . . Thanks mom and dad! For christmas I think we will get them a jack russell puppy; paybacks are something.

We also had to take Bradyn in for her check-up for two months. We had been noticing that she could not hear certain things and was not having a startling reflex. I mentioned this to our pediatrician after he told us she was a whopping 13 pounds 2 ounces, and called her a roly poly. He did some in-office tests on her and sent us to see a hearing specialist. I was hoping that is was just from our house being noisy with the bustle of the other girls. I also told everyone that if she could not hear that it was ok. I truly believed that in my heart if God had given us a baby with any special need that I would fall more in love with her than I was. I could not believe that, that was possible but I truly love this wonderful little girl, she is so special to me. So we went to the specialist and all that it was, was skin had grown over her ear drums and everything was muffled. He cleaned them and now all is well. She is now rolling all over the place and talking up a storm. I just cannot get enough of her and I hate to part with all my girls, but her especially. <3

Albrey and kittyReygen received her interim report card and had a C on it. This really bothered me because she is a very smart girl. I grounded her from staying the night at my parents, took the computer, her cell phone, and her iPod. We had a talk with her and her teacher with the understanding that if she made 100 on her next test she could come off groundation. It took her 2 weeks and she finally made a 100 on her test. We also told her that every Friday she had to bring home her test for me to sign and take back. If she made below a B she was back on groundation. We went to open house and all of her teachers told that she was a very bright student with a lot of respect. Her history teacher told us a story about her that made me realize what a great job we have been doing raising her. There was a new student in her class, and she was the only student that got up in the middle of class, in front of all her fellow peers, and introduced herself and shook hands. The teacher told us after that the rest of the kids started talking to him. That really made me one proud momma.

This past week we had our homecoming and Reygen worked on her class float and was even in the parade. They also have to dress up for diffrent days of the week and she, for once in her life, got to raid my closet. The joys of being a mom. I love my girls so much!!!

daddy and BradynChris has 39 days left before he goes back to work and I find that I am really gonna miss him. We have sat down and figured out what we want to buy this year and needless to say, we are gonna have to really pinch some pennies. We want to pay off my car early, buy two lots next to us, and we are going to buy a bigger truck for him.

Ballarina is doing extremly great, and she and Albrey do not get far from each other. My best friend had her baby, but had to have a c-section so I did not get to witness that. Also my birthday was wonderful and spent with family. The girls' halloween costumes have been bought and they all decided to be Bumble Bees!!

As you can see I have been extremly busy and there is never a day's rest, but I would not have it any other way . . . Happy Candy Hunting to you all, be safe.

~ Kari

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