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Entry 33 ~ November 18, 2011
~ Time Is Flying By!

HalloweenHey guys hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

This year our theme was Bumble bees and I have to say I did have the most adorable bumble bees there are. This Halloween we decided to try something a little different; we only went to a couple houses that we know for trick or treating. After that we came home and passed out candy as a family! I have to say I enjoyed passing out candy rather than getting the candy, the girls also had a blast.

This past month has flown and Chris only has two more weeks before he goes back to work and I don't think that I am ready. During his season I am kinda like a single mom and it has been a long time since I have had to do it all by myself. His hours are usually about 90 a week. I remember how it is to do everything by myself so I guess it is time to suck it up and get to it!

Both of the little girls had their checkups the past two weeks and the results are as follows:

BradynBradyn weighed in at a whopping 14.2 lbs and 27 1/4 inches long. She is in the 60% for weight and the 95% for height. She got her 4 month shots and the doctor said that she is doing things that a 6 month old should be doing. She is so going to out grow Albrey, and by the way I need to go get a convertible car seat to move her because her legs are hanging over the edge.

Albrey weighed 26 lbs and was 37 inches tall; she is in the 10% for height and 20% for weight. She is a tiny little toddler. The doctor also commented on her speech and said that it was very extensive and plain to understand. She received a half a dose for the flu shot and gets the second half this week; he wanted to give her the two doses because she is so small. That means another trip 60 miles to our doctor but hey that is ok by me because I think we will go see the first part of Breaking Dawn, that will make me smile.

ReygenReygen also got her report card and I proud to say she made the honor roll! Now she sees that all the grounding we did to her paid off. My parents took her shopping and bought her two pairs of sperry's. She also has been trying to be more responsible by keeping her room clean and helping me in the afternoon with the kids.

I have been babysitting and I can say that I probably have a few grey hairs that I have not previous had. I have a two month old, Bradyn (5 months), a 11 month old two days a week, Albrey (3 years), a four year year old, and a six year old. So needless to say I am busy. I have also started back on my no carb, no sugar diet and have been walking 1 1/4 miles everyday. I found a double stroller at a yard sale for 10 bucks and it looks brand new so I am one happy momma. Also I am thinking about ordering Zumba and doing that as well; I love to dance and I don't get to any more so maybe I can get back in the swing of things.

Chris' mom had her annual PET scan and found out her cancer is back and has moved so we are not sure what will happen now. She has to go to the Mofit center and see.

I hope that the holiday season finds you all well with health and happiness!
~ Kari

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