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Entry 34 ~ January 9, 2012
~ Still Going on Strong

AlbreyI am so terrible!!!! It has been before the holidays since I have posted an entry. Let me begin by saying that our Thanksgiving was very relaxing. We spent the day at my brother's house on the ranch. The day after we picked out our tree and I so enjoyed it this year. The girls had a blast. We were not prepared for Christmas at all and did our shopping Christmas Eve. The month of December was a whirlwind... Chris went back to work and I am doing it all on my own. These days are killing me. I currently have four infants that I am keeping plus Albs. I am a very tired momma.

Christmas Day was busy and we had to visit five different houses. The girls had a great Christmas and I am so very glad that day is over for another year. In these past two months Bradyn had her six month check up and it was not a good one. Our pediatrician retired so we saw a new one and he is super young. Needless to say I don't like him and refuse to see him anymore. Bradyn weighed 18.5 lbs and was 28 in long. She is in the 95% in all the charts. He told me that she was fat and that I did not need to give her a bottle at 3 am if she woke up. Then he furthered the conversation by telling me that she also did not need to be rocked to sleep but that she needed to self soothe... well I say piss on that. I think all babies need to be rocked if you have the chance. She also started crawling at 5 1/2 months and just recently pulled herself up and let go. Where has the time gone???? I no longer have a little baby.

the girlsAlbrey has hit the terrible threes, and I am ready to pull my hair out. She back talks, does not listen, and tells us NO on everything. I am being really patient with all of this, but I have no clue who will crack first... her or me. I try everyday to correct her and the end result is still the same... her not changing her ways.

the girls picking out the treeReygen is still Reygen and doing well. She really helped me out over break with all the children. Both her and Albrey are doing the pageant again this year and I have one month to get their stuff. I guess I had better get my booty moving. We have also decided to move the girls around and each one will now have their own room. We have been putting the two little girls in their own beds and they've been sleeping soundly and peacefully till 3 am. It feels so good to get my bed back and have my husband beside me.

Well I guess I had better go. I'll catch y'all next month. Hopefully we will have two crowns in our house. If not they are still my princesses.

~ Kari

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