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Entry 35 ~ February 28, 2012
~ Pageants, Mishaps & More

Hi Guys!

FamilyI hope everyone has had a good month. Ours has definitly had its ups and downs. We started the month of February with Albrey's pageant. I found her a dress on eBay, and it was in Hong-Kong. I only paid a hundred dollars for the dress and I was praying it would be here in time. I kept checking and low and behold it was stuck in customs for two days. Needless to say it arrived seven days before her pageant with only minor alterations having to be done. The day of her pageant I was a total wreck... we got everything done in time and the time came for her division. She did awesome and won!!!!! Not only did she win the title but also won photogenic. I was so proud of her. Our next step was getting Reygen ready for hers.

During the two week break between the girls' pageants I still had to find Reygen a dress and get all her props ready for her commercial. One of our friend's daughters does pageants and asked if she could use one of their dresses. I was very nervous because the dress is a six hundred dollar dress. The dress fit perfectly and so the dress was found. Everything fell into place after that. Her pageant came and we made it on time luckily. She did a fantastic job and I could not be any more proud of her. She won first runner up which was kind of disappointing but we will take it.

During this time my computer crashed and I lost all of my pictures that was on there. I was very upset about this since I had five years worth of pics. I am very super upset!!!! Then the air on Chris' truck went out on the same day I had to take Albrey to the doctor after I took Bradyn the day before. Now mind you our doctor is 60 miles away. Bradyn had a severe case of thrush that spread to her butt and Albrey had parainfluenza. Chris has gotten sick and now I am sick with a cold. Albrey has relapsed and her cold is back as well as it seems Bradyn is getting it too.

AlbreyWe decided to take Albrey and Reygen to Disney World and I have to say we had an ok time but I think it is a little overrated.

Chris' mom has currently been going to mofit cancer center and there is no real clear answer as to what type of cancer or treatment for it.

This week is our county fair and show, Reygen is not showing this year and I am glad but I have to be up there everyday to check on my kids as I am a leader. I have to meet with the board of directors tonight about an issue that arised after I left last night.

Bradyn has been cruising along the furniture and talking. Her current words are momma, dada, baba, hey, and bye bye. She weighs twenty pounds and is in a size 18 month. We still have no teeth and she is completely broken from breast feeding. She still gets up at three o'clock every night to have a bottle but then goes back to sleep. She is a healthy thriving little girl.

Chris and I have been able to find time to spend with each other some how during all his long work hours. I am so glad that we are a happily married couple. On Valentine's Day he bought me a minature female yorkie. Her name is Marco Island to signify the place we got married. She is a spoiled little diva who weighs 1.7 pounds. The girls are absolutely in love with her and Ballarina is too. Which brings us to Ballarina . . . she has hit the age where she came into her womanhood, and drove us insane for a week . . . that induced me to make an appointment to get her fixed which will happen in a few days.

So as you can see we have been extremly busy and had some bumps along the way but there is no other way to have it.

~ Kari

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