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Entry 36 ~ April 30, 2012
~ Heaven

Hi guys!

I have been super busy and stressed so I am so very sorry for being late in my entry.

This month started out with a string of bad luck! I am no longer going to be a leader for 4-H due to political bull crap here. After that heart break because I have been doing it for six years, I decided I had to suck it up and move on. All was going well and then Chris' mom had to have a very potent dose of chemo and the risks associted with it was not going to be good.

She took her dose of chemo and came home on a Wednesday, that following Friday she got an infection and had to be put into the hospital. During the time she was in the hospital, we had a water pipe break in my house and of course they are in the floor. The wood floors that we put in last year got messed up and part of my dry wall had to be removed. I was devastated that everything was messed up. The same day that we had the pipe break I received a call from the hospital and was told that his mom's doctors wanted to have a family meeting the next morning. We went up to the hospital the same night to see her and it was not very good.

In the meantime my mom and dad had my girls and I was truly missing them. I had not seen them the entire day due to the water pipe break and I was not with them that night either. The next day did not look as good either. We headed back to the hospital the next morning and the news was not good. She needed to be removed from the oxygen, she had two types of bacterial infections, and had also developed pnuemonia. That was one of the hardest things that I had to see was for my husband to make the decision to pull her off life support. The moment that was done we all knew that it would not be long. I called Albrey to have her tell her granny that loved her and she would see her again someday. She also told her to have a great sleep. 20 minutes later she passed away.

The next step we had to plan her funeral and the expenses, she had no life insurance and it was not an easy task. Chris was not with the program at all and I had to make several decisions based on what I thought was right. During this time I hardly saw my kids and I felt horrible and missed them. We got through everything and tried to get things back to normal; it has been a task but I think we are on track. Albrey asked when she was going to see her granny; Chris could not explain it. I told her that sometimes Jesus needs people more than we do and that she is an angel, anytime that she wanted to talk to her she just needs to look up and talk to her.

On another note we had Bradyn's 9 month check up 3 days before she turned 10 months old. She weighed a whopping 22 pounds 4 ounces, 28.5 inches long and a very smart healthy little girl. We were able to start her on 2% milk, and she is doing wonderful on that. She now sleeps 9 hours every night. She has one tooth and is taking 4 steps at a time.

I have felt at times in the past couple of weeks that I was going to have a nervous breakdown but something always happens for me to be able to pull it together. Easter was wonderful and the day seemed to fly by. I hope everyone is enjoying spring and I promise next entry I will have pictures! Take care and hold your loved ones close!

~ Kari

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